Remember My Joke When Every Time Your Internet Speed Goes Very Slow!!!

Ring Ring....... Ring Ring......Ring... 

Operator: Hello Bla~Bla~Bla hotline may I help you?

Uncle Lim: Eh.... why my internet so slow ah?

Operator: May I know where is your area please? 

Uncle Lim: Oh.... my office at Kiulap here

Operator: Oh sorry sir that is the commercial area it always traffic jam with the internet we can't help it. 

Uncle Lim: But I go back my house at Kiarong also slow oh....

Operator: Oh yes sir that is the residents area... people finish work and school go back home and start online it's always like that...also slow too... we can't do anything... 

Uncle Lim: But I go to my wife kampong at Sungai Liang there also same~same slow... that is not a Commercial area, not residents area.... how come also slow?

Operator: Oh sorry sir.... that is a kampong area... signal always weak there that's why is slow... we can't do anything also!!!

Uncle Lim: So where is the best spot t have the best internet speed?

Operator: You can try it at the Merangang Beach, Kota Batu, Kg Mentiri, Kuala Lurah or Sungai Tujuh try to get the Digi, Maxis or Celcom their line is faster sir.... thank you for calling good bye.....!!!!