Putri Very Famous In Korea Now!

Do you know who is she or not? Putri Norizah she from Brunei and I know from the 1st time she perform in Empire Hotel some show there and that time she is very young.
Now...Don't Play Play......She is very Hot and Famous now in Korea.. I'm not kidding one!!!
She went to Korea and join a singing contest call "Super Star K" episode 4 which is something like American Idol  lah... From the first day 200 millions contester she fight until now top 20 and she is the only one foreigner and also from Brunei!!! Isn't that AWESOME!!!

Do you know how I know this news? Is an Korean guy came to Brunei and ask  my friend "Does he know this girl named Putir?'' Now she is famous in Korea and have many fans there!!!
At the latest competition one of the judge is PSY "Oppa Gangnam Style" and he was impress by Putri's singing! If she won this Super Star K the grand price is about half a million Brunei dollars....

One thing I just don't understand that why how come we all here don't know about this news!!   Why I don't see people sharing this 2 video in Facebook, Why have to wait until other people from other country came to Brunei and tell us then we know!!! Again she remind one of our super star Harry Abu. Do you still remember him? An ex air steward crew from Kg Mumong KB joining The X Factor at Australia!
I know we have a lot of talented people here in Brunei but it just that we didn't really go to enough support our local!!! So come come very Bruneian let's support Putri Norizah our anak Brunei for all the way to her Super Star K4!!!!

Here are the video that she 1st masuk Super Star K!!!