Mr.Baker's Cafeteria Offcial Opening

Finally Mr.Baker's Cafeteria opened yesterday. This is their first Cafe and also their 4th anniversary of Mr.Baker's! It's located at the Gaodong Central same block with Kaiz Cuisine, Math Monkey and Babu's Kitchen. Wao... this street I think sooner or later become like the KL's Alor Street sudah.. from head to the end of the shop pun ada makan-makan there!!!
About this new Mr.Baker's Cafeteria I believe ladies gonna like to makan here coz their are more focus on sandwiches, cakes and pastries so if you just want to have a light meal during your lunch time I think this is right place for the ladies!!!
Not only that... they also focus on their foods in healthy but also beverage too. Don't forget to try on their "Smoothies" is healthy no added coloring or flavoring, sweetness comes from fruits so don't become fat...hehehe

Maxican Chicken and Beef Pastrami Sandwish. Thumbs Up!!!