Math Monkey Brunei - IKIDS Enrichment Tuition School

If your anak want to learn Maths please don't learn from me...coz you'll cry. My Philosophy of Maths is 1+1=3 why like that? easy.... Coz Father + Mother after that have baby so becomes "3" a small family!!!
Correct right no salah wat!!! But his kind of math teaching your children sure never pass in school one!
During my school time we all learn my heart. On our back of text book there is a multiply table from 1x1=1 to 12x12=144. All of us is holding the text book just keep on repeat and repeat read read read and try to remember it.... WE don't have other choose that is the only why we learn. Not like what we have right now got Abacus or any formula there...

But now the parents have more choice for their children to learn how to do Maths. One of the best choice in town is this Math Monkey. Have you heard about it? IKIDS Enrichment Tuition School bringing in this awesome programs and let our children to learn Maths in a Easy and Fun ways. It located at Gadong Central atas Babu's Kitchen same block with the Kaiz Cuisine, Mr.Bakers.

 Children come to "play to learn" and they "learn to play".  Math Monkey is an academic enrichment programme that uses an ancient wisdom of Vedic Math from India, a unique approach of fun and interactive game-based activities that helps children solve mathematical problems with lots of fun in the process and makes it possible to perform calculations mentally with great accuracy, simplicity and is designed to turn a child’s brain into a high-speed calculator.  Golden Period of kid’s brain - The optimum time to develop your child’s brain is before age 7, as a newborn’s brain weighs about 360g and grows to about 1270g by age 7. Hence, while the brain is growing, it is a great time to stimulate the brain to create new neuron connections. Brain Development - Strong brain abilities are the foundations for success in life.

When children are strong in their brain abilities, they are confident, happy and motivated to learn. This is because they understand the information they interact with, so they are more curious and find it enjoyable to learn new things. With constant accomplishments and praises, their self-esteem is also nurtured to attempt, instead of escape from challenges. Hence, this spirals them to higher achievements, and in the process stimulates and develops their brain further. Benefits of Math Monkey 
• It gives children a strong fundamental basis in Maths and helps them reach their full potential. 
• It is a powerful checking tool and helps to save lots of students’ precious time in examinations. 
• There are many advantages of the game based lessons.  Children can improve 5 developing areas while playing games, which are social communication, language, emotional quotient, cognitive development and physical development. 
• The game based lessons can also enhance 5 major brain abilities which are attention, visual, memory, logic reasoning and processing speed.
• In fact, children at Math Monkey are taught much more than numbers. They develop problem-solving, reasoning, memory, concentration and critical thinking skills on their way to becoming big thinkers of tomorrow. This helps considerably in other academic areas as well as self-esteem and personal growth.   

 Classes at Math Monkey are categorised into different levels. Children from age 3 to 12 are assessed based on their current mathematical aptitude before being placed in the level most suitable for them. Children can join the classes for a FREE TRIAL and assessment before enrolling in the programme. Parents are encouraged to bring their children over to the centre for a full Math Monkey experience.

The first Math Monkey Knowledge Centre is located at IKIDS Enrichment Tuition School in Kuala Belait and the second branch is located at Gadong Central in Bandar Seri Begawan.  For further details, please call 333 7805 (KB) or 242 7376 (BSB) to make appointments for the Free Trial classes. More information on Math Monkey programme is available at or visit our facebook at  MathMonkeyBrunei.