Lucky Restaurant "Moon Cake Fest"

The Moon Cake Festival is coming soon so if you think so eat out side and also lazy too cook..... No worries coz The Lucky Restaurant now they got special and new package and dishes to serve you!!!
Price from B$228.00 up to $338.00. 
Last night I went to try out their new dishes which I think really not bad especially the "Banana Honey Sauce Prawn" and the "swiss Style Chicken Wings" I'm sure your kids gonna like this two dishes coz is really good to eat with white rice!!!
For more information and reservation you can call their number 2220181 or 2220182.
  And also they bringing in the The Baker's Cottage moon cake to Brunei too!
I like the green tea moon cake!!
Last but not least... on the 21st(friday) and 28th(friday) September 2012 they have a very special promotion "All you can eat Dim Sum, Chinese BBQ and Chinese Cuisine"
Only B$18.90 per Adult, B$12.90 per Elderly above 55 years old, B$8.90 per children below 12 years old ( all exclude 10% service charge)
Up to 30 dishes to serve you tummy yummy!!!!

 Lychee Spare Ribs

Jing-Ko Park Chop

 Banana Honey Sauce Prawn