LANEIGE Health Campaign

I'm the King of The Lim!!!! I'm fitter than Thanis Lim and Lim Hong Seng...LOL

I learn some things today.... Next time when I see people having a  road show with doing excise I must run away... don't be so busy body and take a look!!!
Ya lah... today I kana call make now my leg and back sakit yo!!!! I was doing my Sunday family day at The Mall and I saw my friends Edgar Leong as a MC for Laneige Health Campaign and Thanis Lim also there standing there. So I K-Po go see see look look what is going on there lah... then sundenly was called to join up them!!! Lupanya is playing a game.... But this is not easy man. Just a less than 2 minutes and it make my legs and back sakit... But anyway it proof walaupun I'm fat but I'm still fit and tough coz I'm the first one who complete the task!!!
During the event there also got Zumba and Cooking Contest.. too bad I can't join them for the whole event coz I'm in the halfway of doing my shopping!!! bah next time lah I be the judge of Makan there!!!

 1-2-3 Go!!!!

 Hey Thanis..... Can you do this???? lol