iPhone 5 Arrived Brunei

I very honest one.... If is my I say is my, I don't tipu and thick face and tell people is my!!!
just want to share you that the iPhone 5 has arrive to Brunei! Fast right....yeah I know. The price selling  here really ridiculous... if you got money and Love it very much and want to have it fast pay another 50% of the prices I think is still Ok lah.
I so glad that can have a touch-touch, see-see and look-look! Can't wait for my unit man.... ah!!!!
The iPhone 5 really awesome.... Is you see on real set and compare with iPhone4s is really thinner  a lot!!! See form the picture like not much different but on your hand is awesome cool bruther!
You can feel that the weight also a lot different.. is lighter too!!!
I think if compare with the White color one I think white is much nicer especially the back! Black also nice but this time I was to have a white color....hehehe

SO are you wondering how to fit your 3G sim card to this iPhone 5 right? As many people had said the present sim card cannot use with this new iPhone5 because is not the 4G. Don't worries but I'm not sure this wed site here are true or real or really can work or not... I only can try it first then tell you it work or not! It show you how to cut your sim card from 2FF to 3FF to 4FF. If is really can work then I don't think we have to wait until the B-mobile or DST for their 4G lah!!!
Click HERE and see how to cut your Sim Card.

Fresh fresh hot hot baru sampan!!!! thanks for the owner to let me open the box!!!!
And now I just wait my set to come!!! Come fast fast lah.. I cannot tahan sudah!!