International Coastal Cleanup 2012

Volunteers from Pantai Seri Kenangan!

It was a good turn out for the cleanup today! At first I though it won't more than 30 people turn out but just on my site at Tungku Beach already over 100 volunteers coming to join us. This time the International Coastal Cleanup 2012 we do something differently than last year! We do three Brunei Beaches at the same time which is at Pantai Sungai Liang , Pantai Seri Kenangan(Tutong) and Pantai Tungku.
The cleanup start kick off from 8am and end at 10am. During the clean up each team have to take a data card and mark down what do they picked eg: bottle, plastic, fishing line etc...
At my area Tungku Beach is big... Is almost 800m from east to west. So to make it easy and convenient don't let the volunteers bring the garbage bags back and forth I sacrificed used my car to bring back all the rubbish back to our station. Luckily my car just dirty by the sands saja, if is the clean up at Jerudong Beach there ah die lah my car coz Jerudong beach always got dead fish or unknown stingky sea animal throw by the fisherman there!
Beach Bunch would like to say thank you for all the volunteers... you guys are awesome!!!

Volunteers at Pantai Sungai Liang!!! 

Volunteers from Pantai Tungku!!!