I'm So Disappointed

Have you read the this month XXX? I'm so disappointed..... why.. why.. why... how can New Isma Jaya's kolomee only have 1 star? Among the 6 restaurant he is the oldest one!!! Apa pulang the chatterbox and sweet & savoury  can have 3 stars?
I'm not saying that the all six here the kolomee not good but when it come with 1 star and 3 stars... you and me also will think the 1 star one is not good already!! 
Jialat lah if I'm the chef of NIJ restaurant see my kolomee only have one star I think can go back home sleep liao lah.... more then 25 years cooking kolomee... more or less got 1 ton of mee already cooked yet still only got 1 star!!! sad..sad..sad...
Wahhaha.... lucky the CheezBox's Kolomee are not in the list... if kana judge only got 1 to 2 stars I'll think I'm gonna gila!!!