I'm Happy With The iPhone 5

Yes.... after the whole night I sitting in front the computer and watch the iPhone5 keynote I'm getting one of that! I'm not regret of selling my iPhone 4 coz this iPhone 5 has much more better than the 4 and 4S. Shape look the same but bigger and thinner! 
Many stuff are new here... Ultrafast wireless, LTE, A6, Camera with 8 megapixel sensor and F2.5 aperture and panorama feature, New connector call Lightning and new ear phone call EarPod and many many many more new feature and stuff lah!!
Not only the iPhone change ne... even the iPod series also all change too!! It make me feel like want to buy them all!!!!
I happy what I see tonight hope this iPhone 5 won't make me wait too long lah.. hehehe lucky Singapore start selling on the 21st September so I don't think we here will wait that long lah!
Singapore iPhone 5 sell start from $948.00 check out their price HERE. I think this time I want to get a White iPhone coz it so sexy with the new Backside! hehehe
If you haven't watch the keynote click HERE (just wait for them to update the new one)