Hardware Window Shopping.

You know what? Once in the while doing the window shopping at hardware shop also not bad! Today I went to check out color paint at Low San hardware coz I thinking to change my baby's funland room into aother colors! Not sure what color to choose... maybe just go for light pink for them lah! 
Now choosing color no more like last time look at the catalog or see the samples photo in the magazine. Now is a big color chat from A to Z in front of you... You just have to sit down and relax slowly choose what color you like, mix and match by the color cards!!! Now got more than hundreds color for you to choose.... Easy sudah nowadays!!!

Now the hardware no like last time selling the things for construction use like paints, nails, cements or tools... You also can find some car wash items or some thing you never expected. Like me today I found some few stuff there and I think is quite nice and share with you guys... one is 24k Gold color paints (sorry forgot to take pictures) and is not expensive too. small small one only $6 plus... I remember this kind of paint are very hard to find but now you can find it there.

Second it the one at below... Parking detector is good like us always takut reverse parking at the garage kana over park hit the bumper!! Is really good to have one especially for those car don't have parking sensor with your car type. And the other one is windshield repair kit... this one also sometime hard to find here, things always like that one.. when you want it don't have, once you don't want it come out!!
Bah now you know where can find so next time kana batu with the screen you know where to buy lah!

Sorry for the bad quality photos coz I'm no more using iPhone sudah lah.. Nokia E71 like that one lah!!