Good-Bye Tasty Corner Restaurant

This is one of my favorite restaurant in Brunei here... I love their clay pot rice here me at least one month come here and eat. Two things I always order here.. Clay pot rice and the home made soya bean... Now me no more can eat it anymore.. T.T.
I heard some people said they want to sell it before but I don't know it true or not the and now I believe it real... I don't what's the reason why the owner don't want to continue their business, it seen to be very good with the business especially in the afternoon sure got many people come here and eat their "Economic Rice". 
In 2 weeks time I heard 2 restaurant ended their serve, one is this tasty corner the other one is Manjaro!
Manjaro restaurant starting open 8 years ago and last week it say good bye sudah... but the owner open another one new restaurant name Rice Bowl at Batu Bersurat Victory Bike's show room there!
But the Tasty Corner I not sure what are their next move lah.. If one day I know they open at new location I'll let you all know! If not more open I only can have looking back their clay pot rice photo I took last time lah!!! (to read my previous post for the TC click here)

The best clay pot rice in town!!!

I'm gonna miss the boss!!!!

Sayonara Tasty Corner...