After Die Then We Know Their Name

See..... we always like that one... must wait until people die then we just know their name! Like this man, I know you know he die liao yesterday but if he didn't die you think you know what is his name kan??? Me also same-same lah not only you.... I also just know that his name is Michael Clarke Duncan. I have watch few of his movie but never know what his name. Like this picture... I know Tom Hanks, now I know Duncan..... but who the hell is that old man there?? hahaha... you also don't know right?
Like this old man name Desmond Llewelyn  I'm sure you don't know him (me too) He is Q the old man always got his face in 007.

And this..... you know who is Neil Armstrong right??? Ya lah he recently also just die... but you never know who are the rest of the other two guys same same landed on the moon together with him??? Is ok I also don't know... never mind we just wait they both die then we'll know! 

Is ok one lah.... we here not famous one also can one day famous once in the life time on the newspaper one.... it just the matter of Before or After life saja!!
Especially like us Chinese in Singapore, Malaysia or Brunei, if you lucky you can see your face in newspaper like you Kahwin, Wanted, Lost and Found, No More Working In This or That Company etc... if not then you have to wait you die your friends and family help you to post your face in the paper then tell public you already die liao! So don't worry everyone have a chance your name and the face in newspaper!!!