Another September Baby

In my family there is 6 September babies including one of my maid. So if you counting the date we made is fall in December. So September baby mostly are made in the Christmas Eve or New Year Eve... mmmm No wonder September baby like to go Party!!! Am I correct or not!!!
Ok so today is my daughter and my mother in law's birthday! They both same-same born at the same month and day. See my daughter pandai choose when to come out kan!!! hehehe.
So nothing much to do with the party... just a small cut cake and makan at Bayswater saja. At first I want to make a swimming party but too bad all the kids semua fever so no jadi to swimming!
Honestly got swimming or not also never mind at the moment now them them the most important thing is got blow candles and cut cake or not and also open presents!!!!

Before I have her in my life I never think or felt that I'm old, but after when she come, every year celebrated her birthday... this year 3 years old already next year 2013 she have to go to school already, I don't think I'm old but also started look old sudah...hahahah. Next time you see me call me Uncle Lim or Uncle Tiger Lim... So I can started used to it with the new Title!!!! LOL...

My daughter this year birthday cake...

Dining at the Bayswater. I just notice that we all makan here are cheaper than makan in Japanese restaurant!!!

They both always served with a smile!!!

Baby... remember the map next time we go makan there...hehehe