If I Say I'm Not Takut Is Tipu You!!!

Sorry only left one camera view can show you the other spot on the front one fall down during a hard impact and didn't recorded. only can show you our face reaction during the ride. if you see us no sound or diam diam there that's mean we all a takut already!!! hahahaha

Remember My Joke When Every Time Your Internet Speed Goes Very Slow!!!

Ring Ring....... Ring Ring......Ring... 

Operator: Hello Bla~Bla~Bla hotline may I help you?

Uncle Lim: Eh.... why my internet so slow ah?

Operator: May I know where is your area please? 

Uncle Lim: Oh.... my office at Kiulap here

Operator: Oh sorry sir that is the commercial area it always traffic jam with the internet we can't help it. 

Uncle Lim: But I go back my house at Kiarong also slow oh....

Operator: Oh yes sir that is the residents area... people finish work and school go back home and start online it's always like that...also slow too... we can't do anything... 

Uncle Lim: But I go to my wife kampong at Sungai Liang there also same~same slow... that is not a Commercial area, not residents area.... how come also slow?

Operator: Oh sorry sir.... that is a kampong area... signal always weak there that's why is slow... we can't do anything also!!!

Uncle Lim: So where is the best spot t have the best internet speed?

Operator: You can try it at the Merangang Beach, Kota Batu, Kg Mentiri, Kuala Lurah or Sungai Tujuh try to get the Digi, Maxis or Celcom their line is faster sir.... thank you for calling good bye.....!!!!

Meet The Legend Mr. Hiroshi Masuoka @GHK Motor

Guys..... I tell you true true one.... this is once in the life time experience and you better don't miss this!
Sit in the Mitsubishi Pajaro Sport or L200 and drive by him is superb awesome!!! Me and my two friends would never forget today in out life! We experience what is the really 4X4 and power by Mitsubishi Pajaro driven by Hiroshi Masuoka. Awesome awesome awesome.......
 Is ten times better than siting on a roller coaster and you also feel that your life is given to him... Honestly a 2 times Dakar Rally Champion banar banar banar bukan main....... I really saluted his skill!!! During the driving demonstration there is few time I thought the car is going to turn over or drop in to the hill but he is really pro lah bruther the every single movement of the car is under his control.. it just like the car can read his mind of what he want. Some how the car is original no modified one only the tyre is for off road use!! I'm not kidding one bruther!!! you must go try one  time and you know what I mean!!! This event only held for 3 days at the Kg. Tanan Jambu 4X4 race track start from 9:30am to 5pm. Doesn't matter what car are you using or motorbike or bicycle or jalan kaki one... Everyone are welcome open for public and is free ride with him!!! So see you there bruther!!!

Puts your hands in the air!!!

Manari of Mitsubishi Motors Company officer in-charge of Brunei.

Fans Q-up for the autograph 

Don't play play bruther.... This car also can drift also you know!!!

Siok eh....

Gentleman start your engine!!! 

I think this is the scariest part... tarus none stop come down from the hill!!

You must come here and register first!!!

We didn't know our Pajaro also can do that too!!!

Triton L200 In Action

We waiting for our turn!!!

Good Friends Will Never Let You Do Stupid Things Alone!!!!

Group photo first before we....... Touch Wood~Touch Wood.... LOL

Mr.Baker's Cafeteria Offcial Opening

Finally Mr.Baker's Cafeteria opened yesterday. This is their first Cafe and also their 4th anniversary of Mr.Baker's! It's located at the Gaodong Central same block with Kaiz Cuisine, Math Monkey and Babu's Kitchen. Wao... this street I think sooner or later become like the KL's Alor Street sudah.. from head to the end of the shop pun ada makan-makan there!!!
About this new Mr.Baker's Cafeteria I believe ladies gonna like to makan here coz their are more focus on sandwiches, cakes and pastries so if you just want to have a light meal during your lunch time I think this is right place for the ladies!!!
Not only that... they also focus on their foods in healthy but also beverage too. Don't forget to try on their "Smoothies" is healthy no added coloring or flavoring, sweetness comes from fruits so don't become fat...hehehe

Maxican Chicken and Beef Pastrami Sandwish. Thumbs Up!!!

Putri Very Famous In Korea Now!

Do you know who is she or not? Putri Norizah she from Brunei and I know from the 1st time she perform in Empire Hotel some show there and that time she is very young.
Now...Don't Play Play......She is very Hot and Famous now in Korea.. I'm not kidding one!!!
She went to Korea and join a singing contest call "Super Star K" episode 4 which is something like American Idol  lah... From the first day 200 millions contester she fight until now top 20 and she is the only one foreigner and also from Brunei!!! Isn't that AWESOME!!!

Do you know how I know this news? Is an Korean guy came to Brunei and ask  my friend "Does he know this girl named Putir?'' Now she is famous in Korea and have many fans there!!!
At the latest competition one of the judge is PSY "Oppa Gangnam Style" and he was impress by Putri's singing! If she won this Super Star K the grand price is about half a million Brunei dollars....

One thing I just don't understand that why how come we all here don't know about this news!!   Why I don't see people sharing this 2 video in Facebook, Why have to wait until other people from other country came to Brunei and tell us then we know!!! Again she remind one of our super star Harry Abu. Do you still remember him? An ex air steward crew from Kg Mumong KB joining The X Factor at Australia!
I know we have a lot of talented people here in Brunei but it just that we didn't really go to enough support our local!!! So come come very Bruneian let's support Putri Norizah our anak Brunei for all the way to her Super Star K4!!!!

Here are the video that she 1st masuk Super Star K!!!   

Awesome Gifts From The Royal Wedding!

Isn't it beautiful.... Don't Play Play ah is Lalique one ah bruther!!!
Now the question is.... where should I put this thing!! Or maybe later I buy come candy or chocolate put in there also not bad looking right!!!

Sorry can't tell you nice or not coz have to wait for my wife to eat... if not later she fight with me because of a box of Biscuits!!!

Introducing My New Indon Friends!

 Judika and Amigos Band!!!

Another Collection

woo...woo...woo... this is unique collection I just got it last night from the Judika drummer and guitarist.
I like to collect guitar picks and drumstick from all the band that they played in Brunei.
So do you like my collection? This set of drumstick is really unique because is the one only I have which is black.... cool bruther!!

iPhone 5 Arrived Brunei

I very honest one.... If is my I say is my, I don't tipu and thick face and tell people is my!!!
just want to share you that the iPhone 5 has arrive to Brunei! Fast right....yeah I know. The price selling  here really ridiculous... if you got money and Love it very much and want to have it fast pay another 50% of the prices I think is still Ok lah.
I so glad that can have a touch-touch, see-see and look-look! Can't wait for my unit man.... ah!!!!
The iPhone 5 really awesome.... Is you see on real set and compare with iPhone4s is really thinner  a lot!!! See form the picture like not much different but on your hand is awesome cool bruther!
You can feel that the weight also a lot different.. is lighter too!!!
I think if compare with the White color one I think white is much nicer especially the back! Black also nice but this time I was to have a white color....hehehe

SO are you wondering how to fit your 3G sim card to this iPhone 5 right? As many people had said the present sim card cannot use with this new iPhone5 because is not the 4G. Don't worries but I'm not sure this wed site here are true or real or really can work or not... I only can try it first then tell you it work or not! It show you how to cut your sim card from 2FF to 3FF to 4FF. If is really can work then I don't think we have to wait until the B-mobile or DST for their 4G lah!!!
Click HERE and see how to cut your Sim Card.

Fresh fresh hot hot baru sampan!!!! thanks for the owner to let me open the box!!!!
And now I just wait my set to come!!! Come fast fast lah.. I cannot tahan sudah!!

I Got It!!!

Nice right the box hehehe this is my first time I got it. I think the box design is really unique compare with the Hari Raya one. I haven't try to makan the cake my wife already booking for the box sudah!!!
I think this box can fit perfectly with the iPad Mini kali or a Sumsung Tab hehe...

Math Monkey Brunei - IKIDS Enrichment Tuition School

If your anak want to learn Maths please don't learn from me...coz you'll cry. My Philosophy of Maths is 1+1=3 why like that? easy.... Coz Father + Mother after that have baby so becomes "3" a small family!!!
Correct right no salah wat!!! But his kind of math teaching your children sure never pass in school one!
During my school time we all learn my heart. On our back of text book there is a multiply table from 1x1=1 to 12x12=144. All of us is holding the text book just keep on repeat and repeat read read read and try to remember it.... WE don't have other choose that is the only why we learn. Not like what we have right now got Abacus or any formula there...

But now the parents have more choice for their children to learn how to do Maths. One of the best choice in town is this Math Monkey. Have you heard about it? IKIDS Enrichment Tuition School bringing in this awesome programs and let our children to learn Maths in a Easy and Fun ways. It located at Gadong Central atas Babu's Kitchen same block with the Kaiz Cuisine, Mr.Bakers.

 Children come to "play to learn" and they "learn to play".  Math Monkey is an academic enrichment programme that uses an ancient wisdom of Vedic Math from India, a unique approach of fun and interactive game-based activities that helps children solve mathematical problems with lots of fun in the process and makes it possible to perform calculations mentally with great accuracy, simplicity and is designed to turn a child’s brain into a high-speed calculator.  Golden Period of kid’s brain - The optimum time to develop your child’s brain is before age 7, as a newborn’s brain weighs about 360g and grows to about 1270g by age 7. Hence, while the brain is growing, it is a great time to stimulate the brain to create new neuron connections. Brain Development - Strong brain abilities are the foundations for success in life.

When children are strong in their brain abilities, they are confident, happy and motivated to learn. This is because they understand the information they interact with, so they are more curious and find it enjoyable to learn new things. With constant accomplishments and praises, their self-esteem is also nurtured to attempt, instead of escape from challenges. Hence, this spirals them to higher achievements, and in the process stimulates and develops their brain further. Benefits of Math Monkey 
• It gives children a strong fundamental basis in Maths and helps them reach their full potential. 
• It is a powerful checking tool and helps to save lots of students’ precious time in examinations. 
• There are many advantages of the game based lessons.  Children can improve 5 developing areas while playing games, which are social communication, language, emotional quotient, cognitive development and physical development. 
• The game based lessons can also enhance 5 major brain abilities which are attention, visual, memory, logic reasoning and processing speed.
• In fact, children at Math Monkey are taught much more than numbers. They develop problem-solving, reasoning, memory, concentration and critical thinking skills on their way to becoming big thinkers of tomorrow. This helps considerably in other academic areas as well as self-esteem and personal growth.   

 Classes at Math Monkey are categorised into different levels. Children from age 3 to 12 are assessed based on their current mathematical aptitude before being placed in the level most suitable for them. Children can join the classes for a FREE TRIAL and assessment before enrolling in the programme. Parents are encouraged to bring their children over to the centre for a full Math Monkey experience.

The first Math Monkey Knowledge Centre is located at IKIDS Enrichment Tuition School in Kuala Belait and the second branch is located at Gadong Central in Bandar Seri Begawan.  For further details, please call 333 7805 (KB) or 242 7376 (BSB) to make appointments for the Free Trial classes. More information on Math Monkey programme is available at or visit our facebook at  MathMonkeyBrunei. 

EveLim Gangnam Style

See see see... Do you see how power is that our "Oppan Brunei Style" video is???
Now even my daughter also envy them now!!! LOL...
On be half I also must say..."Like Father Like Daughter" too.....
Wondering my second daughter would also like this Macam-macam style or not!!! hehehe

Another September Baby

In my family there is 6 September babies including one of my maid. So if you counting the date we made is fall in December. So September baby mostly are made in the Christmas Eve or New Year Eve... mmmm No wonder September baby like to go Party!!! Am I correct or not!!!
Ok so today is my daughter and my mother in law's birthday! They both same-same born at the same month and day. See my daughter pandai choose when to come out kan!!! hehehe.
So nothing much to do with the party... just a small cut cake and makan at Bayswater saja. At first I want to make a swimming party but too bad all the kids semua fever so no jadi to swimming!
Honestly got swimming or not also never mind at the moment now them them the most important thing is got blow candles and cut cake or not and also open presents!!!!

Before I have her in my life I never think or felt that I'm old, but after when she come, every year celebrated her birthday... this year 3 years old already next year 2013 she have to go to school already, I don't think I'm old but also started look old sudah...hahahah. Next time you see me call me Uncle Lim or Uncle Tiger Lim... So I can started used to it with the new Title!!!! LOL...

My daughter this year birthday cake...

Dining at the Bayswater. I just notice that we all makan here are cheaper than makan in Japanese restaurant!!!

They both always served with a smile!!!

Baby... remember the map next time we go makan there...hehehe