Young & Rajin

Wow.... I can't believe of what I see here, five young boy watching my car at the jerudong . Look at their sizes and faces I think their average age is around 11 to 13 and now they know how to spend the holiday and look for extra money! I really surprise so I let them have a try to wash my car anyhow my car also very dirty I think of 2 week no wash sudah. BUT........ when I look at their cloth to for wipe car!!! Er..... Just wash outside only not need to wipe out the water!! That young boy also blur... why this customer like that one!!!
I did not expect they wash it like professional so I know it won't be 100% clean. Some how my car is high they can't reach to wash the top. Ok lah...... kids right what can you expect lagi!!!!
Holiday part time job is good, it can earn extra money and also learn independents too but hopefully they don't think "wow.. I got money now" and quit for their school!!! Studying still their first priorities!!!
Good job boys!!!!!