Watch Out This Lobang

Bruther... If you pass by or going to airport mall remember to look out this big lobang!!! Don't play play if you driving a saloon car I'm sure your tyre can masuk and kana your front lip and side skirt one!! If you drive fast there more worse coz it might break your rims or drive shaft!!!
I don't know why big until like that already still don't want to fix, if wait for the budget to fix i suggest put a corn or signage there... don't wait until the next shopper become the next victim!
FYI someone already kana last week and here are her comment in FB
"Pernah kana dah... Last week tym mlm... Raun2x cari parking... Kwnku nda nampak the hole ah. Atu menabak mengajut bah. Baik jua nda papa keritanya... Gpun gelap bah kawasan sana ah tym mlm. Hmm..."
During night time if you go there better double caution this hole!!!! Take care and drive safe bruther!!!