This Is The Reason Why We Don't Like Him

After you watch the video I'm sure you don't like him anymore! I understand acting is part of the Tv program but some time you must know how choose the right character if not you are going to end up like this chef Bruce Lim ( he is not related to me) most of the people here hate him. Maybe he try to follow and act like Gordon Ramsey style but he make a wrong move! We Asian not like angmo kurang ajar even you can F F your parents like them! So him had over acting, over confidence and over weight in the show!
Some more many viewer don't like the way he call his assistant "Monkey" this is too un-polite and disrespect other people! What so hard to call "Hey bubby"?
Be a good chef you want people appreciate your cook then you also need to appreciate other people's cook. If you don't like just say so not necessary have to throw away the food just like that and also throw the plate like no tomorrow!!! What if kana cut other people right!!! You think the contester like no Father Mother born ka can say people like that!!
If you look back this old cooking program he is a nice guy in there but now more famous become more kambang, sombong and kanasai. Remember no one can be on the top forever there... one day the other chef which you F before sure can over you!!!