Temporally Say Good Bye to iPhone

It just temporally saja... Wait until the new iPhone come out then I'll have again with my social apps back!
Yeah... Me at the moment not going to use any smart phone to play with all the WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook or Twitter coz some one who want to buy my phone!
Reason why I want to sell? Get ready for the New iPhone lah!!! I know that I'm going to regret of let it go but  "Old one no go, New one no come" by the way is a good price also the guy offer me! So hurry hurry I let got lah...
So now this few day I busy to take out my contact just to make sure I don't missed your contact number.
But the problem is, If I sync the contacts with another iPhone it will be easy but now is I have to use back my nokia.. so now I have to key in one by one.... Jialat lah. Some how cannot copy to the Sim card again lah... aiyo what to do, who ask me love iphone, so now have to suffering lah!

By the way... have you heard about the Apple vs Samsung case? Check Here or Here and Here.
After I read it I'm thinking the new Samsung Galaxy Note 2 don't know got jadi launch or not oh.... What if is still got same like Apple produce lagi I'll sure Apple come to bite them again tu!!! But in the other hand maybe Samsung also might going to suit back Apple iPhone 5 because of copy from them too because they launch it first...hahahahah
I feel like I'm watching Korea's Drama Tv show here... mmm can't wait and see the new Samsung Galaxy Note and The New iPhone how their story go!!!
one more thing.... Galaxy note 2's spec see Here.