Stop Asking Me For That!!!!

No!!!!!! I won't so that!!!! Stop asking me for making Oppa Gangnam Style video!!!!
Almost a week sudah some people asking me for doing that video! I know this video is crazy now and is worldwide spreading. There is Singapore version, USA version, hundreds people dance the move at the park bla bla bla..... but sorry bruther I can't do it! Is not that I malu or I don't know how to do the horse riding dance, it's just that all my video is I'm holding camera, this Oppa Gangnam Style need a production to do it and Money too!!! 
Look... shooting at the Polo Club horse house with the house, Empire hotel pool and beaches, Party in the bus, Dance at the Basement car park etc... Don't play play all this need money one bruther you say do just do ka!!!! where got so easy.... and need someone to do the editing lagi lah!! I one person how to do!!!

If you still don't know what I'm talking about here, don't know what is the Oppa Gangnam Style... then you maybe a bit out date or no up date with your facebook lah!
Ok this is a Korean song sang by PSY and is released on the 15th August 2012. If you check on the youtube this video had view by over 46 millions viewer, officially won first-place in the Korean music television programme Music Bank on KBS 2TV, scoring a total of 18,601 points. Robbie Williams, and American rapper T-Pain have blogged and tweeted
Basically this Gangnam Style now are famous worldwide lah!!! 
Now watch the video click HERE
To know more about it click HERE (wiki). 
To understand what the hell with the lyrics? Click HERE!!!! 
To watch me to making Gangnam Style video? Fund Me Here(wait I got a account) !!!!! Hahahaha