Secrets of How the Rich Invests in Property Revealed!

Good news... Azea Property Investment having three seminar talk talk here which is for free to everyone of you who are interested to attend. One at the KB Seaview Hotel  (30-08-2012) and another 2 at Gadong Rizqun Hotel (31-08-2012) It's limited seats... for reservation call or sms 7184963 ( Sunil )
Or visit their website

What do you learn during the seminar?
>What are the criteria in finding the right property.
>HOw to build your portfolio with little or no money in the shortest time.
>Creative & practical ways of property financing.
>Common mistakes in investing in property.
>How to optimise return in overseas investments
>How to protect your investments.

1. What does Azea Personal Coaching do?    
- We educate people and empower them with the tools to create passive income from property investment.  

2. What is passive income?  
- Passive income as the word implies, is income that you can collect without actually having to work for it, unlike a salary.  

3. Can everyone learn to create Passive Income?  
- Yes, anyone can learn the strategies that we teach in creating Passive income from property investment.  

4. How does Passive income benefit people?  
- Passive income allows you to spend more time with your family and also allows you to do more of the things that you want to do without having to worry about time and money. We call this financial freedom. We can also use Passive income for our retirement.  

5. Can people learn to create that much Passive income that can be used for retirement?  
- Yes, we would teach many creative ways to create massive income which would be enough for retirement.  It would provide cash flow that will guarantee  an easy retirement.  

6. Do you need a lot of money to invest in property?  
- Not necessarily, they are many property investment opportunity worldwide that can be had with no money down. You can also use your existing property to invest in more properties.  

7. What  else can people learn at Azea?  
- You can learn more than 20 property investment strategies that can help you manage and grow your wealth in a systematic way.  

8. Can we know more about these strategies?  
- Yes, we do provide a free preview where we will teach you 3 property investment strategies for free. We will teach the rest of the strategies in our workshop in Singapore once you become a member.      

9. What are the other benefits that members can receive?  
- Members can receive a Lifetime memberships which allows them to come to our workshops as many times as they like. The reasons for this, so they can refresh their knowledge and learn new strategies that maybe applicable with the changing investment environment. The workshops are also a meeting place for members to meet other members who have successfully invested and can share their experiences n even partner each other in new investments.  

10. Besides educating members , does Azea also provide investment deals to their members?  
- Yes, we have our sister company , Azea property investments, which is also owned by our CEO  Madam Tan Yang Po who sources special deals for our members. Her experience in property investments is very vast and we can get super special deals because we Azeans are a very large group and are given special treatment and prices by property developers world wide. Madam Tan Yang Po is also currently developing her own brand of residential properties worldwide.   

11. Has Azea property received any accreditation or awards ?  
- Yes we have received numerous awards, including the ASIA PACIFIC award for best brands. Madam Tan Yang Po has received many awards for her achievements in property investments and one can visit our site i.e. for further information.  

12. Sounds fascinating, when is your next FREE preview in Brunei?  
- Actually , its real soon. We will have a Free preview in Kuala Belait this Thursday,30th august at 7:30 pm at the big conference room at the SEAVIEW HOTEL. We will have 2 more in Bandar Seri Begawan on Friday, 31st 2:30 pm and at 7:30 pm at the 4th floor , room 4  RIZQUN hotel in Gadong. Everyone is invited. We suggest you bring a friend or a loved one along. But seats are limited. We suggest you make a reservation.   

13. How do we make a reservation? 
- Simply Call Or SMS to 7184963 ( Sunil )