Now Must Go Early

Do you still remember last Wednesday I share this Nasi Lemak in FB which I say nice? Guess what today I go again they already sold off everything including cendol and kuih!!!
For those who missed read it now I repeat again lah! Last Wednesday I went to buy the paper rapping ice-cream at the Beribi(see here) I noticed at opposite restaurant got do sell little gerai ramadan there.
Then I just simply buy some foods back home, I did not take any photo of their stall coz I never thought it was delicious! After I open the Beef Nasi Lemah then I realize is not a ordinary Nasi Lemah! Is a Banana Leaf Yellow Rice Beef Nasi Lemah . Nice and yummy especially the Acar!!!! 
Not only the nasi lemak was nice and also the Cendol too! Compare with the Temburung Cendol I still love Temburong one(see here)!!!   But this Fridaus Restaurant also good coz it got unique egg smell in it I love dude! But now is not easy to buy coz now already banyak people got buy there reason is Easy to stop and park your car right in front and buy and also yummy. 
The lady told me I must come early better come when they start selling at 1pm!!!! Coz some people come and buy their cendol one time 30 pack or 40 pack like that... So if I want must come early!
So today me no luck eat again their cendol then on my way back home I stop by at Tati's to buy their Satay! This Indon guy's Satay not bad you know! I can say around my kampong here he is the best. Every time if home want eat satay i always buy from here. Now during ramadan his satay also sell like hot cake one!!! 6pm already finish coz many people booking!!!
Now I notice many people know where to go looking good foods already!!! Good Good Good!!!

Got contact number there call for booking!!!

I not only like this Satay but also the Satay Sauce!!!

You wondering where is it right? Aiya.. just next to the China car Great Wall near the Beribi traffic light there lah!