Me Try The PSW Sungkai Buffet

Honestly $12.00 is worth it!!!! Although is not a fancy buffet like others got bbq lamb or seafood oysters but this is more than enough for my belly walk out the door puas-puas hati!!! Every day chance 10 different menu and lucky today I go got Crabs... yeah!!!!! So if you want to eat here better call and book your table coz every night is full house! Don't try your luck without booking coz ended up you could just eat the sauce saja! Three days ago I already book my table for 4 person. So you can see how popular is their Sungkai Buffet every years! I did a lot of time of PSW food review so I don't think I still have to mention how is their cook! Dude... if their buffet got Ayam Penyet, Ayam Bakar Wong Solo or the Iga Penyet Sari Wangi..... wahahahah..... sick on the bed also have to go eat ah!!! hahahahh
Rajungan Sos Padang

Ayam Opor Putih

Ikan Fillet Mentega Cereal

Ikan Goreng Rica Rica

Ayam Gereng Sariwangi

Mee Goreng

Tempe Bacem

Mango pudding