Me Try The CheezBox Sungkai Buffet

Don't forget this BBQ Lamb Leg... Awesome and the chef also handsome.....

Oh........ me eat full full and now lazy to blog but cannot I still have to share this place with you all The CheezBox's Sungkai Buffet! This year is my first time makan their Sungkai Buffet. At first I thought their buffet is like typical buffet like others one. Skali I open the dome and I was surprise of what I see... It was just like the hotel's style buffet!  Really impress..... with their dishes, they got Western, Asian, Japanese style cooking, Salad, Pizza, Pastry, Home made Ice-Cream and many more!
I love the BBQ Lamb and the peppermint ice-cream! Guys you mustn't forget their lamb ok...rugi tu if you didn't have it! 
Not only that...... you might be the winner of the lucky draw Hyundai i30 and lots of prize to win!
For reservation dial 2425506/7 or down load their mobile apps CheezBox in iTunes to make your booking!!!
Click here for see more pictures of their cook!!!! Sorry not enough spaces to show you all in one time here dalam my blog!

Lamb with Barnsley Mustard Sauce

Mussels with Italian Sauce  

Salmon with Caviar Sauce

Chicken with Sour Plum Sauce

My foods nice or not look like this?? hehehehe must make nice nice so eat the time also feel nice with the food lah!!!

Who is the lucky winner??? Me or You? Don't play play.. i30 is a nice car.. I want also!