Lord Of The Heel

What??? you think I kidding one ka? I really spotted this Nike Heel was selling at The Mall there ( first floor) I not sure how much lah but I sure it was Made in China...hahahah.
The first time in my head is I guess this Nike heel is fake one and I don't believe Nike would make this heel and sell in the market. But when I google Nike high Heel I'm surprisingly found a pair exactly look the same I saw in the mall! And now I sak-sak don't know the one I saw is fake or is Fake but real imitation!!! Then I saw few website also selling it, the price around US$70.00 to US$90.00 
See HERE and HERE.
Now I have a question, Do you call this as Sport High Heel??? Can you wear this for Running? I wonder next year HSBC or SCB's charity run someone will wear this or not oh.... heheheh
Ok if you see any girl wear this please take picture share share coz I really want to see Who's That Girl are so dare and outstanding to wear those!!!