Kaiz Cuisine New Dishes

Wagyu Ishiyaki

Don't say I did not tell you first oh..... This is not in their menu so if you want to try it have to tell the chef!!! Fyi if you not a Pro makan kaki I don't suggest you order this... coz it comes with some skill to cook it yourself. The timing to grill the Wagyu and control the fire.. otherwise you'll over cook it and waste the beef! I do it first side 10 second and the other side is about 5 to 6 second.
Just a touch with some soya sauce is enough... recommended eat it with hot hot... mmm soik bruther!!!
If I'm not mistaken I don't see any other restaurant serving this here!!!! In Tv I see it a lot lah but this is my first time I'm trying here!!! Awesome.  
Beside the Wagyu Ishiyaki I also try their another Tamagoyaki. Is called Unagi Cheese Tamagoyaki. This one is suitable for kids. Is kinda little bit sweet and that's why my daughter she like it.
Another one is the Black Pepper Edamame. If you like Edamame then try this Fusion way you might like as will!
Again all this is not in the Menu.... tell the chef or show it post to their staff!!!
Now Kaiz got 20% off for all the Sushi, Sashimi and Shabu-Shabu! For booking or more information please call them at 244-9977.

Remember your father told you? Don't Play Play with the Fire!!!

Unagi Cheese Tamagoyaki 

Black Pepper Edamame

This is Kaiz's Salmon Don!!! Is different from other's Japanese restaurant here!!!

Have you try their Baked Cheese Oyster?