iPhone Can Use As A Time Machine?

Dude..... look what I discover! iPhone can bring you way back to 1st of January 1970 or to the future 1st January 2038!!!! You just set you date and time with in the second it can bring you to the year you want!!! Remember must hold tide tide and do not let go the phone or else you cannot go back to the present time!
 hahahahahahha if this is real I really want to see again the time Brunei in 1970!
I just try to restore my iphone and I notice this date and time setting... Me just don't know why the Apple want to do it like this! Even the first iPhone was release on 9th January 2007 but why they want to let your phone can set back to 1st January 1970? And it was 68 years in between 1970 to 2038!!!
mmmmm I think they should have an Apps that can use it as a time machine one there... Apple just don't want to tell.... Don't Play Play ah... hahahahah