I Tapao Chicken Rice Eat At Home Like This

Yeah.... sometime when I can't decide what to eat my first choice is TT Chicken rice. I sure many of you also do have the same mind especially in the afternoon the weather hot hot and make you no appetite this TT chicken like magic it come to your mind! Funny things is if "Tapao" the rice always more than you eat there when they serve you! But no matter how much the rice last last you also can finish it all!
So same to me too.... I tapao home the rice always a lot and that's why I like to tapao instate of eating there reason is.... hot there!!!
Ok I just to let you know how I eat their chicken rice at home... Normally you and me also the same, two pack of their chili mix with the rice... that's it! Nice or not nice we also eating this way for more than 20 year already so I some kind of use to it lah I can say!
But not anymore for me... Coz one day I found a way to eat it way a new way and it's more delicious!
Just adding 2 more simple things saja and it turn much more better than the original taste which is the Pepper and Kicap Manis ABC!!!!! I no tipu you one just a little bit pepper and few round round ABC sauce on the rice after you put the chili in!!! 
Bah try it, if you don't like it please let me know bruthers!!!