Emiko & Ayumi Say Hello To Brunei

Many people wondering how do I know this two Japanese girls, honestly I don't know them and never see them before. It just the Emiko Fujikane (the black and wife shirt) found me in Rieko Ayumi's blog HERE and she message me asking for the Brunei's information. And I told her just come to Brunei and I'll here their host showing them our beautiful Brunei Darussalam. Of coz transport and makan from me lah but staying at Empire Hotel eh..... sorry lah you pay yourself lah hehehe.....  couple of my friends calling me up say when I going to introduce to them! Sorry bruthers they both only spend 2 days 1 night here so I have limited time to show them around.
So the fist day I picked them up in the morning at airport straight away bring them to breakfast at Batu Bersurat, then Kiarong, Bandar, Kota Batu, Sumbiling, Istana Nurul Iman, Check in Empire, Jerudong. Damm.... it was really tired man driving here and there in one day!!! Then night time they just rest and enjoy the awesome hotel room! The next day I just bring them to gadong The Mall and buy Baju Kurung. Guess what... they wear it and go up to the airplane!!! Awesome right!!!
I feel very happy that I can show them our country and put them safely back to the airplane. Too bad they are in the rush, they should spend one more day here so I can show them until KB!
Nice to meet you both and hope in future see you gals again!!! 
more pictures to see HERE
Showing them Masjid Jame Asr Hassanil Bolkiah from the outside!!!

Mosque SOAS

Try out the Nasi Lemak and Ayam Penyet at Kota Batu!!!

Istana Nurul Iman

Try out the local ice-cream!!!

Buy Baju Kurung at THE MALL.