Demerit Points System Handbook

Ba ba dui...... this is not kidding yo bruther!!! Now after I read this handbook I'm thinking " What's the point you buy Sport Car " coz once you drive over 160km... Oh oh... 24 points bye bye!!! 
I love this Demerit Point System hope it can put we all in to a good boy and good girl driver here!
FYI we here are not like in Singapore or Aussie there, In their country even you kana gantong license you still can reach to the place you want to go coz they have MRT, Taxi, Bus. Kalau here you kana gantong license the best where is buy a Bicycle lah... which is good also coz is green and no road tax, not need to buy fuel. But you have wife and children like me one... ah die lah!!! So bruther we have to think twice when you want to be the "KING of THE Road"

Some people ask me where did I get this handbook and where can have it! 
Dude... I got it when the Rimba highway JPD and Police they giving it with the card raya before the Hari Raya. I'm not sure where can have it, I try to find it out and kalau ada I'll let you all know!
This handbook it comes with Malay and English in there. But I think some of the sentences it has a bit something wrong lah (see the last photo of this post)
Now slowly scroll down and read it... or you can read it HERE or download from HERE or you can visit their website HERE.

Do you know where is the YELLO BOX? hahaha this is normal what we saw people like to do that especially kalau ada jam at school area!!! Now you better don't do that anymore... 4 points tu!!!

Only one violation for the 8 demerit points???? Should give some more for the Roundabout people  drive fast fast like racing nobody, Sport bikers think they on the race track, Cut Q at immigration posts.. 

Check out the 24 demerit points! Don't play play.... highway's speed limit is 100km, if you drive speed sampai 161km.... see you at the driving test bruther!!!
And one more thing... Talk with you phone or play messaging while driving.... 12 points........ Score Bruther!!!

I have a bit confuse of this two sentences "Maximum number of passengers" My car is 7 seater car... so it can only have 6 person in the car? 
and "Driver and passenger to wear seat belt" Which mean that if wear seat belt kana demerit point tu!!!
I think the printing company didn't double check for this two rules here!!!