Car Burn At Tungku Beach Highway

Pusat Ehsan Charity Bazaar 2012@ Jubilee Park

This event is better and better every year! Last year (see here) is one day and this time is 3 days so is 100% enough time for you to bring your friends and families or bring your love one here see-see, look-look and play play!! come support support them lah bruther.....  
This year is more easy and convenient you can park your car at the Jame'Asr Hassanil Bolkiah Mosque and use their shuttle bus to come here at Jubillee Park!!! The event it start from 10am to 10pm so I think night time got more people come here coz day time I think got a bit hot lah!!! Like today I went there 1:30pm now my kaki got sunburn sudah...hehehe
There got foods, games, and souvenir and some hand make stuffs made by the Pusat Ehsan's students...
If you haven't or never been to this park same as LIKE ME..... this is the best opportunities to visit once!!!! 

  Buy your coupons from them at the entrance!!!
All game and foods have to use coupons. 

Look.... all made by them!!! 

Foods section!!! Is nom nom time...

 Fishing cans!!!

 They are selling paper bags $1.00 for 5!

 I know that my wife sure want to try this!!! right dear???

 Is 100% hand made by the students from Pusat Ehsan.

Kindly donated by Pondok Sari Wangi.

Na you people want me to do Gangnam Style right??? There you go.... is Ideal Gangnam Style!!!

TonyMoly Lucky Draw

 The Ambassador of the Embassy of Korea , Choi Byung Koo drawn the 2 grand prizes during the event.

The Second & Third Prize drawn by Kevin Lim from Ten Ten Distribution(B) Sdn Bhd.
Congratulation to the Winner of TonyMoly lucky draw. Liaw Suk Yung, Asiah Hj Ahmad you both go Korea with pocket money, Emily Nin you won a Huawei Ideos S7 Slim, Hjh Noorosmawati you won a Ideos U8500

Watch Out This Lobang

Bruther... If you pass by or going to airport mall remember to look out this big lobang!!! Don't play play if you driving a saloon car I'm sure your tyre can masuk and kana your front lip and side skirt one!! If you drive fast there more worse coz it might break your rims or drive shaft!!!
I don't know why big until like that already still don't want to fix, if wait for the budget to fix i suggest put a corn or signage there... don't wait until the next shopper become the next victim!
FYI someone already kana last week and here are her comment in FB
"Pernah kana dah... Last week tym mlm... Raun2x cari parking... Kwnku nda nampak the hole ah. Atu menabak mengajut bah. Baik jua nda papa keritanya... Gpun gelap bah kawasan sana ah tym mlm. Hmm..."
During night time if you go there better double caution this hole!!!! Take care and drive safe bruther!!!

Two More Days!!!!

Don't miss it bruther!!! Bring your friends, families and the love one there!!!

Good Bye iPhone

I'm gonna miss you dude.... thanks for everything and hope your new owner sayang you gao-gao!!! Bye I Lap U!!!

I still remember the first time I saw you when you are holding by Steve Jobs. I don't sleep and wait until 2am in the morning just want to see how your sexy body look like.

And this is the day went to come you my life!!! I'm so happy to have you.....

But after you gone.... you are no more beside me..... I notice one thing!!!!
I have more time with myself and spend more attention with my wife and daughters!!!!
And I talk more with my wife and play more with my daughter during Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner!
Not more playing with the apps and games while makan!!!!

Temporally Say Good Bye to iPhone

It just temporally saja... Wait until the new iPhone come out then I'll have again with my social apps back!
Yeah... Me at the moment not going to use any smart phone to play with all the WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook or Twitter coz some one who want to buy my phone!
Reason why I want to sell? Get ready for the New iPhone lah!!! I know that I'm going to regret of let it go but  "Old one no go, New one no come" by the way is a good price also the guy offer me! So hurry hurry I let got lah...
So now this few day I busy to take out my contact just to make sure I don't missed your contact number.
But the problem is, If I sync the contacts with another iPhone it will be easy but now is I have to use back my nokia.. so now I have to key in one by one.... Jialat lah. Some how cannot copy to the Sim card again lah... aiyo what to do, who ask me love iphone, so now have to suffering lah!

By the way... have you heard about the Apple vs Samsung case? Check Here or Here and Here.
After I read it I'm thinking the new Samsung Galaxy Note 2 don't know got jadi launch or not oh.... What if is still got same like Apple produce lagi I'll sure Apple come to bite them again tu!!! But in the other hand maybe Samsung also might going to suit back Apple iPhone 5 because of copy from them too because they launch it first...hahahahah
I feel like I'm watching Korea's Drama Tv show here... mmm can't wait and see the new Samsung Galaxy Note and The New iPhone how their story go!!!
one more thing.... Galaxy note 2's spec see Here.

iPhone Can Use As A Time Machine?

Dude..... look what I discover! iPhone can bring you way back to 1st of January 1970 or to the future 1st January 2038!!!! You just set you date and time with in the second it can bring you to the year you want!!! Remember must hold tide tide and do not let go the phone or else you cannot go back to the present time!
 hahahahahahha if this is real I really want to see again the time Brunei in 1970!
I just try to restore my iphone and I notice this date and time setting... Me just don't know why the Apple want to do it like this! Even the first iPhone was release on 9th January 2007 but why they want to let your phone can set back to 1st January 1970? And it was 68 years in between 1970 to 2038!!!
mmmmm I think they should have an Apps that can use it as a time machine one there... Apple just don't want to tell.... Don't Play Play ah... hahahahah

Mr.Baker's Bakeshop New Outlet At Fitness Zone Kiulap

Secrets of How the Rich Invests in Property Revealed!

Good news... Azea Property Investment having three seminar talk talk here which is for free to everyone of you who are interested to attend. One at the KB Seaview Hotel  (30-08-2012) and another 2 at Gadong Rizqun Hotel (31-08-2012) It's limited seats... for reservation call or sms 7184963 ( Sunil )
Or visit their website

What do you learn during the seminar?
>What are the criteria in finding the right property.
>HOw to build your portfolio with little or no money in the shortest time.
>Creative & practical ways of property financing.
>Common mistakes in investing in property.
>How to optimise return in overseas investments
>How to protect your investments.

1. What does Azea Personal Coaching do?    
- We educate people and empower them with the tools to create passive income from property investment.  

2. What is passive income?  
- Passive income as the word implies, is income that you can collect without actually having to work for it, unlike a salary.  

3. Can everyone learn to create Passive Income?  
- Yes, anyone can learn the strategies that we teach in creating Passive income from property investment.  

4. How does Passive income benefit people?  
- Passive income allows you to spend more time with your family and also allows you to do more of the things that you want to do without having to worry about time and money. We call this financial freedom. We can also use Passive income for our retirement.  

5. Can people learn to create that much Passive income that can be used for retirement?  
- Yes, we would teach many creative ways to create massive income which would be enough for retirement.  It would provide cash flow that will guarantee  an easy retirement.  

6. Do you need a lot of money to invest in property?  
- Not necessarily, they are many property investment opportunity worldwide that can be had with no money down. You can also use your existing property to invest in more properties.  

7. What  else can people learn at Azea?  
- You can learn more than 20 property investment strategies that can help you manage and grow your wealth in a systematic way.  

8. Can we know more about these strategies?  
- Yes, we do provide a free preview where we will teach you 3 property investment strategies for free. We will teach the rest of the strategies in our workshop in Singapore once you become a member.      

9. What are the other benefits that members can receive?  
- Members can receive a Lifetime memberships which allows them to come to our workshops as many times as they like. The reasons for this, so they can refresh their knowledge and learn new strategies that maybe applicable with the changing investment environment. The workshops are also a meeting place for members to meet other members who have successfully invested and can share their experiences n even partner each other in new investments.  

10. Besides educating members , does Azea also provide investment deals to their members?  
- Yes, we have our sister company , Azea property investments, which is also owned by our CEO  Madam Tan Yang Po who sources special deals for our members. Her experience in property investments is very vast and we can get super special deals because we Azeans are a very large group and are given special treatment and prices by property developers world wide. Madam Tan Yang Po is also currently developing her own brand of residential properties worldwide.   

11. Has Azea property received any accreditation or awards ?  
- Yes we have received numerous awards, including the ASIA PACIFIC award for best brands. Madam Tan Yang Po has received many awards for her achievements in property investments and one can visit our site i.e. for further information.  

12. Sounds fascinating, when is your next FREE preview in Brunei?  
- Actually , its real soon. We will have a Free preview in Kuala Belait this Thursday,30th august at 7:30 pm at the big conference room at the SEAVIEW HOTEL. We will have 2 more in Bandar Seri Begawan on Friday, 31st 2:30 pm and at 7:30 pm at the 4th floor , room 4  RIZQUN hotel in Gadong. Everyone is invited. We suggest you bring a friend or a loved one along. But seats are limited. We suggest you make a reservation.   

13. How do we make a reservation? 
- Simply Call Or SMS to 7184963 ( Sunil )

Why No Outside F&B Allowed?

I was having TT with a friend at one of the Indian restaurant and I saw this sign the ? sign pop out from my head.(TT mean Tea Tarik)
I understand that No Smoking in the restaurant are because from the MoH. But have you ever think that why cannot "Out Side Food And Drink Not Allowed Inside"?
Most of you sure think that "If I open a restaurant you come in no eat my food but tapao from other and eat here... What's the point I open restaurant?  Better open a Park right!!!!"
To me..... I don't think in this way lah. It has more that than meaning there... First of all I think is because of the food you bring and makan inside there are Halal or not!!! What if you tapao pork and eat in that restaurant and using their spoon and fork? Ah... habis lah like that!!! All the spoons and forks in the restaurant have to buang sudah tu!! You say correct or not?
Secondly what if you eat the foods form tapao outdside kana food poisoning and later to blame you are makan at their restaurant!!! 
So this are the 2 reason I can think why their are not allow customer bringing F&B from outside!

Now You Know What Car Is The Best

I know I know I know....... I seldom share video in my blog and is not my Gangnam Style but I really want to share this video to you guys especially you are a car lover.
Check this out video posted by MotorTrend yesterday. It was an awesome video especially the part start race and at the end each car show their car sound.
 Seriously Lamborghini Aventador is sexy and fast... omg this car really Don't Play Play man... Subaru BRZ is hilarious!!! When I watching it still fresh fresh only 428 views. I wondering this video can hit millions views or not oh!!!

Demerit Points System Handbook

Ba ba dui...... this is not kidding yo bruther!!! Now after I read this handbook I'm thinking " What's the point you buy Sport Car " coz once you drive over 160km... Oh oh... 24 points bye bye!!! 
I love this Demerit Point System hope it can put we all in to a good boy and good girl driver here!
FYI we here are not like in Singapore or Aussie there, In their country even you kana gantong license you still can reach to the place you want to go coz they have MRT, Taxi, Bus. Kalau here you kana gantong license the best where is buy a Bicycle lah... which is good also coz is green and no road tax, not need to buy fuel. But you have wife and children like me one... ah die lah!!! So bruther we have to think twice when you want to be the "KING of THE Road"

Some people ask me where did I get this handbook and where can have it! 
Dude... I got it when the Rimba highway JPD and Police they giving it with the card raya before the Hari Raya. I'm not sure where can have it, I try to find it out and kalau ada I'll let you all know!
This handbook it comes with Malay and English in there. But I think some of the sentences it has a bit something wrong lah (see the last photo of this post)
Now slowly scroll down and read it... or you can read it HERE or download from HERE or you can visit their website HERE.

Do you know where is the YELLO BOX? hahaha this is normal what we saw people like to do that especially kalau ada jam at school area!!! Now you better don't do that anymore... 4 points tu!!!

Only one violation for the 8 demerit points???? Should give some more for the Roundabout people  drive fast fast like racing nobody, Sport bikers think they on the race track, Cut Q at immigration posts.. 

Check out the 24 demerit points! Don't play play.... highway's speed limit is 100km, if you drive speed sampai 161km.... see you at the driving test bruther!!!
And one more thing... Talk with you phone or play messaging while driving.... 12 points........ Score Bruther!!!

I have a bit confuse of this two sentences "Maximum number of passengers" My car is 7 seater car... so it can only have 6 person in the car? 
and "Driver and passenger to wear seat belt" Which mean that if wear seat belt kana demerit point tu!!!
I think the printing company didn't double check for this two rules here!!! 

Lord Of The Heel

What??? you think I kidding one ka? I really spotted this Nike Heel was selling at The Mall there ( first floor) I not sure how much lah but I sure it was Made in China...hahahah.
The first time in my head is I guess this Nike heel is fake one and I don't believe Nike would make this heel and sell in the market. But when I google Nike high Heel I'm surprisingly found a pair exactly look the same I saw in the mall! And now I sak-sak don't know the one I saw is fake or is Fake but real imitation!!! Then I saw few website also selling it, the price around US$70.00 to US$90.00 
See HERE and HERE.
Now I have a question, Do you call this as Sport High Heel??? Can you wear this for Running? I wonder next year HSBC or SCB's charity run someone will wear this or not oh.... heheheh
Ok if you see any girl wear this please take picture share share coz I really want to see Who's That Girl are so dare and outstanding to wear those!!!

Stop Asking Me For That!!!!

No!!!!!! I won't so that!!!! Stop asking me for making Oppa Gangnam Style video!!!!
Almost a week sudah some people asking me for doing that video! I know this video is crazy now and is worldwide spreading. There is Singapore version, USA version, hundreds people dance the move at the park bla bla bla..... but sorry bruther I can't do it! Is not that I malu or I don't know how to do the horse riding dance, it's just that all my video is I'm holding camera, this Oppa Gangnam Style need a production to do it and Money too!!! 
Look... shooting at the Polo Club horse house with the house, Empire hotel pool and beaches, Party in the bus, Dance at the Basement car park etc... Don't play play all this need money one bruther you say do just do ka!!!! where got so easy.... and need someone to do the editing lagi lah!! I one person how to do!!!

If you still don't know what I'm talking about here, don't know what is the Oppa Gangnam Style... then you maybe a bit out date or no up date with your facebook lah!
Ok this is a Korean song sang by PSY and is released on the 15th August 2012. If you check on the youtube this video had view by over 46 millions viewer, officially won first-place in the Korean music television programme Music Bank on KBS 2TV, scoring a total of 18,601 points. Robbie Williams, and American rapper T-Pain have blogged and tweeted
Basically this Gangnam Style now are famous worldwide lah!!! 
Now watch the video click HERE
To know more about it click HERE (wiki). 
To understand what the hell with the lyrics? Click HERE!!!! 
To watch me to making Gangnam Style video? Fund Me Here(wait I got a account) !!!!! Hahahaha