You're Awesome!

Is a long weekend bruther..... after three days of holiday I feel kinda lazy on everything. Honestly how I wish my blog it can autopilot updating! hehehe. I know is impossible one lah just like what people say, I your job is always wait for you come back to finish it. No wonder my primary's teacher she always told me Today's Works, Today Finish!
So ok lah... Now I start update my blog lot.... T.T
During the holiday the weather walanEh...Cannot tahan lah.. sekejap panas then sekejap heavy rain... make me feel like coming to sick again!!! 
Luckily my friend's big day the weather was just nice.... one of our Beach Bunch member Joey Heng he has converted to Muslim, banyak handsome lah during the ceremony. I want to buy baju melayu to wear on that day but too bad so shop open... mmm just save it for the Hari Raya lah!!!