Use Share Location!!!

I'm sure many of you got this apps in your iPhone or Android but I notice that not many of my friends they know about this WhatsApp have a feature is call Share Location. Coz there is few time couple my friends tell me their location for party, dinner or pick them up and I told them share the location using the apps they don't know how. Coz by using the whatsapp sharing location it can connect to the Maps and use it to route it to the place here their are!!!

Is very simple to use... as like you sharing the photo or video. Look further down and you find Share Location. Once you share it the other party just click it then it come out Direction To Here. then automatic is switch it to the Maps apps! The just click the Start ok done. Drive safely and it show and guide you to the destination!!!
Some more.. the location you have forward it too. press and hold the message and it will pop out!!!
Ok so now you know it ok.... next time if I say share your location using whatsapp it doesn't mean that TYPE you location address by using the apps!!!