Stadium And Gadong Gerai Ramadan

Wah.... friends today the Hot really no play play. Just step out from the car and walk in the gerai for 5 minutes I started sweating. I really salute for those people who selling foods there can still tahan! Puasa no makan yet have to tahan hot there!!! I salute salute.
Alright... last year I try the Ka Pow 5.0 here but this year someone had already break my record but is Ok lah it took one year to broke I'm fine with it.
I went the Gadong and Berakas Stadium with Rizan and his wife. This year I see a lot of stall selling Burger I think is because last year the Burger winds and that's why this year many people follow lah!
I notice one thing here.... Not many stall they show the price of what they selling! Do you notice that too? I think is because the seller don't want to let the competitor know how much are their selling the foods. I suggest you ask How Much first before you buy. Like one of the stall selling grill burger his normal beef burger already cost $6.00 each!  Omg.... if but 3 burger which mean can go eat sungkai buffet sudah!
So you better survey survey before just buy buy buy... Not like last time, this one $1.00 that one $1.00 use $10.00 can buy many foods and balik sungkai!
Bah I don't talk so much lah let's see what I buy today at the both gerai.

One of my all time favorite Taty's Cafe burger!!!@Stadium

@ Gadong I try his Hotdog. Nice... worth to try!

This is new!!! Dragon Fruit Lassi no added color. @Stadium  

I like this long long cucur... But I still prefer the one at Sumbangsih there!

Ah.... if you like Nasi Beryani then you must try his beef Nasi Beryani. Is nice bruther!!! $3.00 per pack with beef one dollar for kosong! Must try...@ stadium

I wonder what is this he selling!

Fancy cupcake also got here!!! Stadium gerai