Next Station - BAYSWATER

I felt Malu to introduce you all about this place the reason because how can I don't know there is a such awesome place to dining and yet me every time blog about foods in my blog!!!  Adui... malu lah I.. opened 3 months already then I baru discover this place. If 2 days ago I didn't pass by Bunut I think me still don't know about this place! Some more I didn't see people posting this place in FB but how come many people already been here and makan sudah... eh you people some time don't diam diam there keep it yourself bah... share share lah! No one else told me this place how I know oh!!!

Ok lah.... now let's talk about this place lah. Bayswater is located at the Kg. Bunut just next to the Excapade Tenpayaki. All I want to say this place is awesome! I love it!!! I'll strongly recommended this few week if someone ask me where to eat! Foods is good, prices is reasonable, service and the place is awesome! I could not find any reason why not I don't come here and eat here.

Last night my wife go makan wedding dinner so didn't follow me and my sister makan here. So I'll come here again with my wife lagi one day. We ordered the Lamb Shawarma Meal $7.49, Chix Tika Wrap Meal $7.49 and Quarter Peri Meal $5.99 plus drinks and miscellaneous total cost $22.96. I'm full until walk also susah, some how I didn't finish the foods.... I still left a lot of fries on the plate!!! I recommend you try their is nyaman bruther!!! The taste remind me the kebab I ate at gold coast last year!
Woh.... Me can't wait to go there again and next time I want to try their Tandoori chicken with Pilau Rice! 2 thumbs up for this Bayswater!!!  

Find them in FB here. Unit No:7 Block A, Bgn Dato Lim Seng Kok, Spg 628, Km 8, Kg Bunut Tutong. Contact number: 8890904. Open Tuesday to Sunday 5.30pm- 11pm.

Their design is like you makan inside the train!!!

Surely the owner spend a lot of money on the design here!!!

Sit down first.... read your menu..... think what to eat.... then you go to the counter and order what you want!!! spoon, fork, tissue, chili and tomato sauce all take here yourself!!! They serve you the foods when ready.


Don't play play with the lamb.... this is awesome!