My Old Time Ice-Cream

 Do you like this post???? hehehehe I know many of you miss this ice-cream use paper to tapao one right!!! For the 80's time most of the students sure have this at school before. I love this paper wrapping ice cream... I got more than 25 years didn't eat this sudah!! But now you and me can have this back once again!
Yes... this is in Brunei and is very easy to find. It located at the Beribi light industry there, drive all the way to the last block and look at your left a green signboard "Ais-Krim Tempatan"! All the ice-cream are local made and is certified Halal. Some more is cheap and yummy... I love the Vanilla and Jagong. Yam is Ok not bad I want to try Strawberry and Banana but too bad my mouth cannot take it anymore coz too cold and my tongue numb cannot taste it! I'll try it again next time with friends lah!
If you still don't know the place where I say, never mind just play the video below and follow it! The video start at Beribi Supa Save/ Land Transport there.
 If have a birthday party this is a good choice to buy for kids!! Look is cheap got 20 cents, 30 cents, 60 cents.... where can you find that cheap ice-cream again in Brunei?
Support Local Products lah Bruther!!!!

Big each $3.50, 3 for $10.00!!!

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