Kichit's Nasi Ayam Penyet

I saw this guy Kichit Cht posting this in fb for many times and almost got 2 weeks already . Finally today my mouth cannot tahan anymore and go have a try this afternoon. You can eat there, tapao or ask for delivery, of coz delivery must see location and $10.00 above ordering! 
His Ayam Penyet all I can say is Worth! Only $2.00....... bruther where can you find a $2.00 AP and guaranty you eat full full. If not add another 50 cents for a Mata Lembu. Awesome cheap and worth!
But the problem is for somebody who don't familiar the place is hard for them to locate lah!!!
If not you just contact the Kichit ask him to send his location to you by using Whatsapp lah like what I did!
If you don't have smart phone then have to use traditional way read the address below and look the pictures to find liao!  contact and address all below here.

Drive to Lambak Kanan, look for simpang 18 passing a school and just in front the clinic and you see this white board right in front the road side, drive in all the way the simpang and you're there!

If you don't see anyone in there them remember to press the bell then someone will come out and serve you. Night time will be more people go there! It open from morning till 9pm some time 11pm.
Is another home style eating house here... lots of things to discover in there. Specially their old family photos!  

About the food taste...mmmm I can say is average lah. Sambal not so hot even I order the padas one. What I love is the chicken thick and juicy.
Add KICHIT CHT in facebook for more info about his ayam penyet.