Kaiz Cuisine Shabu-Shabu

I suppose want to try it yesterday but I saw many people post in FB so I know sure many people go makan and no seat! Today finally I try my first Shabu-Shabu in town. hehehe I know that this makan shabu-shabu already in Brunei for quite sometime the reason is I don't have luck to eat. I been going to the Kuilap plaza there and wanted to eat for 3 times but every time also said to me no seat!
Ok fine now Kaiz Cuisine also serve shabu-shabu and I know there is more shabu-shabu restaurants is coming soon! But what's so special about this Kaiz's shabu-shabu? Compare with other they have more soup for you to choose. I suggest you with more friends to come here and try, each and every one order different soup so can share share and taste how good is it!
Just now me and my wife order Sze Chuan spicy and Thai Green Curry both also nice.
If you not feeling want to eat shabu-shabu... then try some other also can. I love their Butter Fish! is awesome lah!!! I don't know how to tell this Sashimi Butter fish, looks like a abalone but taste like a fish!
Must try.. must try!!!

If you like to eat Sashimi then you must try this Butter Fish Sashimi. If you don't know how to eat then must learn how to eat!

Volcano Maki!!!

Must try their Ice Lemon Tea!!! Totally different from others!!!