Is Good To See But Not To Have!

This two day if you pass by the Gadong traffic light or make a U turn to Manglait sure you can see this beautiful awesome tree full wit the pinky red flowers! I'm not sure what's the name for this tree but some people call it local Sakura! This local sakura is easily to spotted in Brunei here, Highway, road side, government building sure can see! Early of the month already one time you can see at the middle of airport highway all pink pink red red like that... so beautiful there, some of it is white color flower... Nice very nice...
I know I nice but do you know this is Nice to See but not to have it in or near your house?
True true one... I no tipu you bruther! My house here also have one too.... It just outside my house garden. I can't remember when it started grow here but I think got more than 10 years already!
Why I say is good to see but not to have it? Coz you'll hate it everyday have to sapu the leave and flowers. The tree so nice and big but cannot park under it, reason is not only because the leaf and flower but also the bird's shit!!!! Trust me.... birds like to hang out there. Doesn't matter what time you park when you come back you'll see bird shit on it and is very hard to wash away!!!
Bruther... I rather park my car under the hot sun then under this kind of trees!!!
Don't play play.... listen I say don't grow this tree at your house!!!

This is the tree I have next to my house!

Just one day park under this tree and your car will be look like this!

The flowers looks nice on the tree but it will stick on your car once it fall!!!