I Don't Campur Sungkai

Sound like I not friendly right!! No you wrong already.... normal I don't go eat sungkai or sungkai buffet on any restaurant especially food court on the 1 week of ramadan. If really I want to eat I also don't choose on the time before 7:30pm. I perfer go after 7:30pm that's is because I think the muslim people they need the table for makan more than us who is non muslim. Think about it they been whole day no makan or single drop of water and why should we go campur and grab the seat, table with them, I think is kinda not so nice lah right.. we should let them makan 1st them baru we take second round! If I'm really hungry I just makan at those not halal restaurant lah. If you ever makan at any food court during sungkai you'll understand... not only no seat or table... even the spoon and fork also not enough!!!
I'm sorry to say this here.... Got couple of time I feel malu to see some non muslim friend already start makan at the sungkai buffet and 90% of people there are still waiting for breaking fasting.

Me every year ramadan if I my mind is strong enough sure I'm follow puase for one day. Is not because I eat full full got nothing to do is because I love the feeling of the moment of the first sip with the drinks. Wah... don't play play.... you will never experience that a ice cold cendol can be such a wonderful delicious in you life!!!! hahahah... I'm not kidding. If you ever try you know what I mean! Food is nothing lah... the most important is a sweet ice cold drink saja!!! It was awesome man!!!
If compare a Medium rare Wayu beef stick with ABC.... I tell you'll choose ABC!!! No kidding one!
This year I try as much as I can you show you where to Nom Nom sungkai lah! But I'm sure I'm not gonna do it again with the burger 5 layer patties lagi like last year!