I Am Mountain Turtle

I am really a mountain turtle (mean never heard about it). If I didn't masuk see the I don't think I know in this world it really have an animal call Mountain Lion... but no matter how I look at it, it still look like a cat too me. Ok whatever is that lah..any way Apple's new OS X is called Mountain Lion and is coming in July. I just checked in the Mac App Store still have see it. I think this time I not going to update it again with my Mac Pro. Don't know it just me or my imagination coz every each time after I update it I fell a bit slow with my Mac. 
Not only my both Macbook, even my iphone update thei iOS also feel the same thing, Unless is a new iPhone 5 I think is suitable with iOS 6, same with the new Macbook pro also...ah that one can use mountain lion lah!!!
Our one already old... So I don't think is necessary need to update it lah! 
So coming this FALL iOS 6 is coming too mmmmm..... excited to see their new iPhone 5 lah.
But think of it.. this few month again is the Phone War between the Samsung Note 2 vs iPhone 5. and also the Window 8 vs  OS X Mountain Lion. Bah let's see who is the KING for this!
Hope this time the iPhone 5 don't let me disappointed again like the iPhone 4s.