Home Style Cook Korean Foods!!! Yummy

Hehehehe.... I didn't go for any Sungkai Buffet tonight but I went to a Korean's  house and ask the chef to cook for us! I had a wonderful and eat full full with my wife and PSW's new friends! All together 5 person makan $100.00 I think is reasonable lah! 
I had heard this place since few months ago but no time to come and try it. Now I can't wait sudah so mush come and try once coz next month they going to open a korean restaurant at Batu Bersurat it will be no more serve it at home like this and also no pork any more. So if you want to try then just hurry to book your table. If you want to makan must booking first, I booked my turn is 3 days ago and you must tell then chef what you want to eat on that day! I order the famous Korea BBQ porh which have to eat together with the vege one!!( see photo below) and it was awesome!!!
We all have to sit on the floor just like original korea style, Nice... just feel like makan at home, talk, laugh, Hehehaha loud loud also can not need to worry got kacau other customer coz we are the only customer!! 
I love his BBQ pork.. it was a bomb in your mouth! Only 5 of use but the food order is like for 7 person makan! We can't finish it all but left like 90% like that... what to do got 3 ladies not a Man vs Food kaki! Only me and PSW both sapu it! Actually is just nice but someone cannot make it. Too bad Eric you miss it!
I going to come back again...mmmm maybe next friday with another gang to try his BBQ pork once again before he open this new restaurant!!!
For booking you can find his contact in my FB fans page!

This is how it look like before we started our dinner! Every one have to sit on the floor!!!

Pork Kimchi Stew. Nice!!!!

Genseng Chicken Soup only $12.00!!!! 

Sotong!!! nice....

I love it!!!! 

This is how you eat it!!! nom nom nom!!!

Everyone is full full!!!!