A Gift From Wife

yea yea yea.... I got a new case from my wife yesterday. I want this kind of casing for quite some time already but it just I haven't find one of it I like. Me every time kalau got pantai to do the beach cleanup for keeping my iphone clean and prevented get wet or the sand always is a issue there. Now this CAPDASE is all I need coz is all in one. Rain, Mud, Shock proof and also can clip on you steering, moto or bicycle. Some more it got a neck strap and now I can put my phone on the steering to take video, use GPS looking for house, Waze to tracking traffic jam, accident etc.... of coz read message also better but no reply message while driving unless I want to die early lah. 
My wife said she bought it at the but I don't know how much lah bah later I go check check.