Gerai Supa Save

Do you know that Supa Save there also have their own gerai of selling foods? I heard that at Beribi there also have and is big, I'm not sure how big and what's the foods selling there. Today I went to the Madohai branch to try their foods. Not bad bruther..... Macam-macam makanan ada! Nasi, mee, soto, kuih, bubur macam-macam ada!
It look delicious and I don't know what to choose. Last last I bought their Bubur green bean and yam and a one spaghetti. I a bit disappointed of their spaghetti coz the pasta taste like over cook I feel like eating tepong but the Bubur is nice especially the purple color one!!! Is very sweet can make for 2 bowl with adding water!!! 
Eh.... one thing bad if you want to buy here is not enough parking loh. It took me 10 minutes to look for parking there... unless you have someone accompanying you lah!
Next time I want to try the Beribi there one see how!!!