Gerai Ramadan@Bandar

If you thinking to buy foods at the bandar's gerai for sungkai I suggest you go Berakas Stadium there must better! Unless you just want to get some kuih or cucur then is fine lah. 
Today I went there to look for nom nom but unfortunately I don't see any special or new makan! Is too common like fried mee, kuih tiao, chicken, sausage, sate..... just the ordinary pasar malam lah!
Burger also not so much choose.... If you come here just plan for jalan-jalan saja then is Ok
Is not that bad lah... still got other thing can see see look look lah like cloths, toys, slipper......
If you'll like me look for nice food here is not a good location to go for!
Last last I buy the Hot and spicy noodle from China which I introduce before at the Bridex Consumer Fair there. That old man still here but this time his noodle is cheaper $1.00 not like at Bridex $5.00. 
If you haven't try it can go for once but make sure you share share half with some one lah... Coz I notice this time I hardly finish it all maybe is because it separated the soup and the noodle in different packing and now the noodle become more!

Namewee New Movie "Hantu Gangster"  

I'm sure many of you already familiar with this Malaysian's singer and actress Namewee right!
Remember the Nasi Lemak 2.0? now nexk month he new movie "Hantu Gangster" is coming soon. I'm not sure Brunei here got play his movie or not but I really hope can watch it here. 
Now let see the teaser first lah!