Do You Know Where Is This?

I don't know who whatsapps all this picture for me a total 18 photos of a new restaurant still under construction. Not so sure where is this place but it looks like a new Japanese restaurant to me here... But if you look at some photos down there the tables got hole there.... I think is another Shabu-Shabu restaurant going to open soon. I only way to know is wait for it to open. I heard there is few new shabu-shabu restaurant going to open soon. In Gadong Kaiz Cuisine very soon,  Kiulap next to Concepts Computer there one and this one another one.... wah if I'm not wrong I think we have 5 to 6 shabu-shabu in future!! Wow... for the shabu-shabu lover you people happy lah got so many place to eat!

But do you notice that in my blog I never blog about Shabu-Shabu? heheheh I don't malu to tell you lah... from the day one the 1st shabu-shabu opened at Q-Lap plaza until now I still have try any shabu-shabu once yet! Is not that I don't like to eat, is that I went there 3 times already every time no sit - no sit - no sit.... So I malas anf give up already! I just tell myself I have no faith to eat Shabu-Shabu that's why until now the shabulicious open I also never step in there! Is not my fault Ok.... 
So now again 3 more shabu-shabu are going to open lagi I don't know I got luck to eat or not!!!

To the one who send me this please share with us where is this!!!