Butterfly Durian

 Come come come.... me share something with you here. I accidently  invented a new makan and I name it Butter Fried Durian. Isn't it sound like Butterfly Durian too? hehehe nice name right!
The story is like this... Just now I makan durain and suddenly I got this idea how does it taste like if I use  butter to goreng it!!! Surprisingly the taste turn very nice....For me lah.. I don't know other people how you think about it, maybe you think is kinda wasted for disgusting. 
The taste like Pisang goreng but smell durian, after fried it I feel like turn more sweet lagi! It totally feel like eating Kuih not a fruit!!! Bah... you try it see how lah!! Someone say put susu manis will me more nicer but I think put some sesame or peanut will be more better! Maybe next time I should try with BBQ Durian kali ya!!!hahahha

Where are the ingredients and way to make Butterfly Durian!!!
1 table spoon of Butter and one piece Durian.
Panas kan the butter until it melting then put the durian and goreng it for few minutes, when the durian turn golden brown are ready to me serve!!! Easy kan!!! Bah try it Bruther!!!

Doesn't look good in the picture but taste nice!

My last bite.... who want to try? heheheh