One Is Not Speaker

Hahahah... I notice that there is still some iPhone 4 or 4s user still don't know about this 2 are one is speaker and one is microphone. Many of them thought that both are speakers and when they use finger to cover the left side with the music or game sound is play then that believe the speaker are rosak!!!
Hahaha I like to kacau this practical joke to my friends especially girls when they got their new phone.
I tipu them said "Hey you see... this side speaker are not working!!! You kana tipu the shop give you a faulty unit!!" 
Hahahah you can see their face Panjang skali and some of them almost want to cry sudah but after I tell them is not a speaker but a Mic then their soul baru come back from hell...hahahah.
Recently last weekend one of my friend asking me where to fix his phone speaker then still the same thing he thought both is speaker. I ask him... Bruther your iPhone 4 is made in china one kah? Not need mic to talk ons is it? Then he baru notice that!
iPhone 5 is come soon so don't ask me the same questions again Ok!!!!