Bnd$1.00 = RM$2.5

When I look at today's currency rate first thing is WAH....... then second thing is SHOPPING loh!!!
Hahaha.... that the number we here all wanted to see but of coz we want MORE!!!!
Now I just use B$1.00 go Miri also can eat a bowl Kolo Mee there...
For us Bruneian of coz good lah but Malaysian susah man.... Come to Brunei eat a simple nasi katok need to pay RM$2.50 T.T
Back to early 80's I still remember we can use RM here, is one to one same like now Brunei and Singapore dollar same same use!  Wah now jialat 1 to 2.5 and I don't think going back to 2.3 like one year ago at the short period!