Back To No Smart Phone Day

This is my second day that I not using my iphone. Actually I want to do this long time ago but it just I don't find any excuse but now I can start it!
During my Miri trip at the wedding dinner I did a very stupid things which is I dare my friend if I put my iphone in the Jar of water he have to finish a can of "Brave Juice". I thought my new casing can prevent the water go into the phone which I'm wrong coz I didn't close nicely where the charging port! My iPhone is wet and shutdown itself that night! I actually thought this time I have an excuse for myself which I can buy an NEW iPHONE  if is rosak ( iphone 5 is call "The New iPhone" same like iPad 3 is call "The New iPad") 
Too bad it alive again just after clean-clean here and dry dry there by Cibui. So this is how I started use back my Nokia E71. I notice that is more easy to call friends searching name in phonebook and more easy to do texting sms than iPhone! Of coz photo, video, social media, facebook, twitter, whatsapp all this I can't doing it at the moment lah only when I back to my room. Now is the third day me live without iphone and I think I can survive with it and now let's see how far I can go!!!!